Leen (pony_express) wrote in historamedy365,

icon table

You are free to make/use your own, but here's one anyways. . .

Copy and paste the code above into a post in your journal.
Replace HEADERIMAGE with the link to your header image.
Replace CUT TEXT HERE with the text you want to appear in your lj-cut.
Replace ICONGOESHERE with the link to your icon.
Replace THEMEGOESHERE with the theme you used in your icon. (Ex. "Theme 1492 - Starstruck")
Feel free to modify this however you wish.

To insert place holder icons copy and paste the coding into a word editing program (such as Notepad) and use the find and replace feature (CTRL + H). In the 'Find What' blank, type ICONGOESHERE, and in the 'Replace What' put the URL of the image you wish to use (http://imagehere.png) and hit 'Replace All.'
Tags: icon table, mod post

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