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Claims List

Here you will post a comment to this entry with your claim(s). You can have more then 1 if you wish :)
Sometimes I may be late to add you and your claim to the list, so just go ahead and start making icons once you've submitted a claim!

You can claim anything as long as it's considered drama, historical, and/or comedy: film/movies, tv shows/mini series, games...
I'm kinda cool with you having whatever you want, though! Your claim can be as detailed as you like. . . A character, season, episode, or just simply general. You choose!

You can enter for the 30 icons per month, at any time as long as you post your icons for the month's theme until the last day of the month (before the new themes are posted)

Just have fun!

I.You can claim whatever you like. Just be sure to specify the claim.
II. More then 1 user can have the same claim. No limits!
III. A user can claim at anytime.
IV. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs or post them here!

Use this form please:

Icons Username: Claim: Icon Table: Status:
50 abyss_valkyrie Chinese Dramas ? July 7th 2021
50 candream Timeless HERE August 4th 2021
50 candream Band Of Brothers HERE September 14th 2021

Icons Username: Claim: Icon Table: Status:
50 abyss_valkyrie Comedy & drama animes ? March 5th 2021
100 tinny CDrama Link July 1st 2021

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