Si_Crazy (si_crazy) wrote in historamedy365,

Something NEW for the community!

Hi everybody!

Since traffic in this community has slowed down, I'm going to change things a little to try to get more people to join us. I'm adding the 30 icons per month (the 100 icons in 365 days and 50 icons in 180 days will still continue).

The difference now is that each month new themes will be posted, so you don't have to check in daily if you're inspired to make icons you can just make them all at once.
You can repeat 3 themes of your choice from the list (to avoid the themes you didn't like) and you will have 5 Artist Choices (must be specified as to not be confused with the repeats). You'll have the whole month to complete your 30 icons claim.

. You can choose if you want to complete:
• 100 icons in 365 days;
• 50 icons in 180 days;
• 30 icons in throughout the month;
Tags: mod post

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