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Themes of September

Comment to this post with your icons or the link to your icons until the last day of the month if you're doing 30 icons for the month (for 30 icons there's no need to claim).
If you have a 50 icons or 100 icons claim, just use the themes you like and wait for the new ones to be posted on the 1st of next month.

I. Sign ups are always open, so feel free to make a claim!
II. You can suggest/request themes here!

Use this form please:

1 Peculiar crop
2 Looking Up
3 Pastel colors
4 Saturation
5 Scenery
6 Two People
7 Holding Something
8 Food
9 Negative Space
10 Big Text
11 Black/White
12 Close Up
13 Smile
14 Friendship
15 Tilt
16 Focus on Eyes
17 Profile
18 Pink
19 Stars
20 Circle
21 Ellegant
22 Fight
23 Blushing
24 Home
25 Day
26. 5 Artist Choices (specify the icons as to not be confused with the repeats ones)
* You can repeat 3 themes of your choice from the list (to avoid the ones you didn't like)

• Themes are all up to the artist's interpretation, so there's no need to explain your choice, unless you want to.
• Every month you have 5 Artist Choices (must be specified as to not be confused with the repeats). And you can repeat 3 themes of your choice from the list (to avoid the themes you didn't like).
Tags: monthly themes, themes: september

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